Mananeshwar Temple, Manan


Mananeshwar is the second temple in Manan village, after the Durga Temple discussed in the previous post. This Shiva temple is in the Tower Style in the categorization of Himachali wooden temples, similar to the temples at Summerkot and Sarahan. All these Tower Style temples are built using the “kath khuni” construction technique, with their walls built in alternating layers of stone and timber. The topmost floor is surrounded by a wooden balcony on all sides, over which is a curving gable roof with wide overhangs. Like the Durga Temple, Mananeshwar is also brightly decorated. Mananeshwar is a larger temple set within a temple compound with ancillary buildings, as opposed to the smaller shrine-like Durga Temple.


Mananeshwar Temple

mananeshwar 01


mananeshwar 02


mananeshwar 03



mananeshwar 04


mananeshwar 05


mananeshwar 06


mananeshwar 07


mananeshwar 08


Ancillary buildings

mananeshwar 09


mananeshwar 10


Entrance to the temple compound

mananeshwar 11


mananeshwar 12


Village house next to the temple

mananeshwar 13

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