Chausath Yogini Temple at Hirapur

Chausath Yogini Temple, located in a suburb of Bhubaneswar called Hirapur, is one of the handful of temples dedicated to worshiping sixty four (chausath) forms of Devi/Shakti in India. The only other Chausath Yogini temple I’ve been to is at Mitaoli in Madhya Pradesh. The Mitaoli temple is much larger, but none of the idols of the yoginis remains there. The Hirapur temple is just a small shrine in comparison, but the inner walls of the circular temple are lined with images of the yoginis, albeit defaced in most instances. This temple is from the 11th c, so built before the 14th c Mitaoli temple. A newer structure has been erected at the center of the Hirapur temple.


Hirapur Chausath Yogini Temple

chausath 01 01chausath 01 02chausath 01 03chausath 02 01chausath 02 02

chausath 02 03

chausath 02 04chausath 02 05chausath 03 01chausath 03 02chausath 03 03chausath 03 04chausath 03 05chausath 03 06chausath 04 01chausath 04 02chausath 04 03chausath 04 04chausath 04 05


Idols in the entrance passageway and on the outside of the temple

chausath 05 01chausath 05 02chausath 05 03chausath 05 04


Tank next to the temple

chausath 06 01chausath 06 02


Photos from a village near Hirapur

chausath 06 03chausath 06 04

This concrete railing design, based on the chariot wheels of Konark, are quite common in Odisha

chausath 06 05

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