Odisha Style, Konark: Subsidiary Structures

Photos of other structures in the Sun Temple compound.


Mayadevi Temple, to the southwest of the main temple

konarak others 01 01

konarak others 01 10

konarak others 01 02

konarak others 01 09

konarak others 01 03konarak others 01 04konarak others 01 05konarak others 01 06konarak others 01 07konarak others 01 08


Brick temple near Mayadevi

konarak others 02 01konarak others 02 02konarak others 02 03

konarak others 02 04


Large sculptures of horses, elephants and rearing lions that were once part of the main temple scheme

konarak others 03 01konarak others 03 02konarak others 03 03konarak others 03 04konarak others 03 05konarak others 03 06konarak others 03 07


The kitchen in the southeast corner of the compound

konarak others 03 08

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