Odisha Style, Bhubaneswar: Uttareshwar Temple Group

This temple complex lies to the north of Bindu Sagar, the large tank in the Old Town area around which many of the temples of Bhubaneshwar are located. In the central temple (now painted yellow) we can see the parallels with the Parashurameshwar temple, a square-planned sactuary and tower, and a rectangular mandap with two-tier roof. This temple seems to have been heavily altered, in that much of the ornamentation seems to be missing. It will be interesting to look into the known history of this temple to see if this is true, and if so the date, nature and extent of alteration. The other painted temple has a modern-day mandap. The shrines around the tank of this complex are a later addition (10th c?).


Uttareshwar temple complex

uttareshwar 01 01uttareshwar 01 02uttareshwar 01 03uttareshwar 01 04uttareshwar 01 05uttareshwar 02 01uttareshwar 02 02uttareshwar 02 03uttareshwar 02 04uttareshwar 02 05uttareshwar 02 06uttareshwar 02 07uttareshwar 03 01uttareshwar 03 02uttareshwar 03 03


The small Taleshwar shrine (possibly from around the late-8th c), near the Uttareshwar complex

uttareshwar 03 04

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