Hampi Hopping, Sacred Center: Chakra Tirth

The Virupaksha Temple, Hemakuta Hill and Krishna Temple form the western edge of the Sacred Center of Vjiaynagar. As we walk eastwards from that set of monuments, we come across an area called Chakra Tirth, a sacred spot on the banks of the Tungabhadra, at the northern base of the boulder-covered Matanga Hill. There are a few active temples here, which mostly house bas-relief deities chiselled onto boulders.

General view of Chakra Tirth with Kodandarama Temple to the left

kodandarama 01 01

Kodandarama Temple

kodandarama 01 02kodandarama 01 03

A linga cut into the bedrock

kodandarama 01 04

View along the Tungabhadra River

kodandarama 02 01kodandarama 02 02kodandarama 02 03kodandarama 03 01kodandarama 03 02kodandarama 03 03

Shrines along the river near Chakra Tirth

kodandarama 04 01kodandarama 04 02

A small temple near Chakra Tirth

kodandarama 04 03

The walk from Hampi Bazaar to Chakra Tirth

kodandarama 05 01kodandarama 05 02

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