Old Delhi’s Western Suburbs: Pusa Road

The stretch of Pusa Road that runs along the southern edge of Karol Bagh is lined with a zany set of large desi deco bungalows. Karol Bagh as a whole is a treasure trove of buildings in the desi deco style and its contemporaneous “proto-modernist” style (in the Indian context). By the early 20th c, areas such as Paharganj and Sadar Bazaar had already been urbanized to some extent, so planned neighborhoods like Basti Harphool Singh and Deputy Ganj were being inserted into a preexisting (mostly unplanned) urban landscape. Karol Bagh was west of these other locations, and therefore was further away from the main city (Shahjahanabad), and relatively un-urbanized. Just like in the case of Paharganj and Sadar Bazaar though, while there were various schemes to develop the Karol Bagh area in the early 20th c, actual construction only took place between the 1930s and 50s, which is the oldest building stock we see in the area today, including on Pusa Road.

For some more background information and a location map, go to the introduction of this series of posts.

Bungalows on Pusa Road:

pusa 01 01pusa 01 02pusa 01 04pusa 01 06pusa 01 07pusa 01 08pusa 01 09pusa 01 11pusa 02 01pusa 02 02pusa 02 03pusa 02 04pusa 03 01pusa 03 02pusa 03 04pusa 03 06pusa 04 01pusa 04 02pusa 04 03pusa 05 01pusa 05 02pusa 05 03pusa 05 04pusa 05 05pusa 05 06pusa 05 07pusa 05 08pusa 05 09pusa 05 10pusa 05 11pusa 05 12pusa 05 13pusa 06 01pusa 06 02pusa 06 03


More modernist bungalows:

pusa 07 01pusa 07 02pusa 07 03pusa 07 04pusa 07 05

In this last photo we can see the metro viaduct that has been built along Pusa Road, which visually separates the two sides of the road

pusa 07 06

3 thoughts on “Old Delhi’s Western Suburbs: Pusa Road

  1. Surprise –after so many years, many of the original form of Bungalows have survived without change of colour or form. Not even applique renovation. Karol Bagh and Old RajinderNagar on either side of the road have become garbage yards.

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