Old Delhi’s Western Suburbs: Jhandewalan

Jhandewalan is an area that lies directly between Delhi’s North Ridge and Central Ridge. Jhandewalan is therefore also on the “ridge”, but on a depressed portion of it. An interesting note is that the Idgah of Shahjahanabad is also located on this line between the North and Central Ridge. It is located directly north of Jhandewalan, and west of Sadar Bazaar and Shahjahanabad. In India the Idgah of a large settlement is located west of and outside of that settlement.

For more background information and a location map, go to the introduction of this series of posts.

I explored two parts of the Jhandewalan area. The first was a planned neighborhood of mixed commercial and residential buildings, with a building stock mostly from the 1950s to 70s. The commercial structures especially were more modernist in style than the buildings we’ve seen in Paharganj and Sadar Bazaar.

The commercial/residential neighborhood:

jhandewalan 01 01jhandewalan 01 02jhandewalan 01 03jhandewalan 01 04jhandewalan 01 05jhandewalan 01 06jhandewalan 01 07jhandewalan 01 08jhandewalan 01 09jhandewalan 02 01jhandewalan 02 02jhandewalan 02 03jhandewalan 02 04jhandewalan 02 05jhandewalan 02 06jhandewalan 02 07jhandewalan 02 08

A half-demolished older building, probably from the colonial era

jhandewalan 02 09


The second area was a small neighborhood immediately to the east of and across the road from Karol Bagh, at the intersection of Faiz Road and Pusa Road. It had a more desi deco style building stock.

jhandewalan 03 01jhandewalan 03 02jhandewalan 03 03jhandewalan 03 04jhandewalan 03 05jhandewalan 03 06jhandewalan 04 01jhandewalan 04 02jhandewalan 04 03jhandewalan 04 04jhandewalan 04 05jhandewalan 04 06jhandewalan 04 07jhandewalan 04 08

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