Old Delhi’s Western Suburbs: Bada Hindu Rao Road

This road abuts the Deputy Ganj neighborhood, and leads out from the center of Sadar Bazaar to Rani Jhansi Road. The architecture along the road is stylistically different from that on Sadar Thana Road and in Basti Harphool Singh and Deputy Ganj, and is mostly from the decades preceding the 1930s. It is similar to the late 19th c and early 20th c architecture found in Old Delhi proper.

For more background information and a location map, go to the introduction of this series of posts.


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The building adjacent to the street leading into Deputy Ganj:

hindu rao 03 01hindu rao 03 02


More from Bada Hindu Rao Road:

hindu rao 03 03hindu rao 03 04hindu rao 03 05hindu rao 03 06hindu rao 03 07

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