Old Delhi’s Western Suburbs: Deputy Ganj

Deputy Ganj is a gem of a neighborhood. Like the stretch of Sadar Thana Road and Basti Harphool Singh that I covered in preceding posts, I was quite amazed to come across this urban space in Sadar Bazaar. I had not expected anything like this in the heart of Delhi. Like Basti Harphool Singh, Deputy Ganj is a planned neighborhood surrounded by unplanned growth. Its design is easily understood from the satellite image of the area (link in the paragraph after next). It consists of streets and residential blocks arranged in rectangular formats surrounding a donut-shaped block with a small park in the center. The donut block has an innovative colonial neoclassical design with colonnades and jali work.

There are so many examples of missed opportunities in India of urban spaces that could be used for the connected purposes of heritage conservation and historically sensitive tourism. Old Delhi as a whole is one such huge missed opportunity. Deputy Ganj is a much smaller neighborhood that would be ideal for such use and development. India seems to be very far from being able to implement such policies, but if ever there was an example of a neighborhood that was ideal for this heritage + tourism mix, it would be this one.

For some more background information and a location map, go to the introduction of this series of posts.


The face of Deputy Ganj on Bada Hindu Rao Road. The street on the left goes into the neighborhood

deputy 01 01


Deputy Ganj neighborhood, which now seems to have become a utensil market:

deputy 01 02deputy 01 03deputy 01 04


The “donut” block at the center of the neighborhood:

deputy 01 05deputy 01 06deputy 01 07deputy 01 08deputy 01 09deputy 01 10deputy 01 11deputy 01 12deputy 01 13deputy 01 14deputy 01 15


The other gem in Deputy Ganj is a large desi deco haveli in one of the inner rectangular blocks. For sheer size and decorative features, this is a unique building in Delhi.

Front facade:

deputy 02 01deputy 02 02deputy 02 03deputy 02 04deputy 03 01deputy 03 03deputy 03 04deputy 03 05

Front entrance:

deputy 03 06deputy 03 07deputy 03 08

More front facade:

deputy 04 01

deputy 04 03deputy 04 04deputy 04 06deputy 04 07deputy 04 08

Side facade and entrance:

deputy 05 01deputy 05 04deputy 05 05deputy 05 06deputy 05 07

Corner design

deputy 06 01

Side alley

deputy 06 02

Looking down the street with the desi deco haveli hidden behind the more traditional haveli in front:

deputy 01 16


More photos from Deputy Ganj:

deputy 07 01deputy 07 02deputy 07 03deputy 07 04deputy 07 05deputy 07 06deputy 08 01deputy 08 02deputy 08 03deputy 08 04deputy 08 05deputy 08 06deputy 08 07

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