Harmony Hall & Paramjyotir Mandir, Thanadhar

Harmony Hall sits at the top of a hill in Thanadhar. It was built by US missionary-turned-Hindu-convert Samuel Stokes in 1912, based on local construction techniques and styles. Stokes is famous for spreading the plantation of apple orchards in the Thanadhar area, which is now one of the main apple growing regions in India. Next to the large house is a small shrine built by Stokes in 1937, named Paramjyotir Mandir. Verses from the Gita are etched in the thick wooden horizontals of the temple’s walls. There is no idol in the sanctum.


Harmony Hall with later additions

thanadhar 01


thanadhar 02


thanadhar 03


thanadhar 04


thanadhar 05


thanadhar 06


Paramjyotir Mandir

thanadhar 07


thanadhar 08


thanadhar 09


thanadhar 10


thanadhar 11


thanadhar 12


thanadhar 13

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