Shahjahanabad V: Lal Kuan & Ajmeri Gate

Lal Kuan road is a busy commercial street that connects the equally busy Khari Baoli road and Hauz Qazi Chowk. Here I’ve taken the Lal Kuan area to be the area that lies between Lal Kuan road on the east and Garstin Bastion Road (yes, that GB Road) to the west, and Ajmeri Gate road to the south. Ajmeri Gate road leads from Ajmeri Gate, one of the main gates of the walled city, to Hauz Qazi Chowk.

General location of Lal Kuan area in comparison to popular Old Delhi locations

shah whole lal kuan

General sequence and locations of areas photographed. We can see that Lal Kuan road (1) is narrower than Chandni Chowk and Khari Baoli roads, but wider than the really narrow lanes of Old Delhi

lal kuan text 2

Along Lal Kuan Road

The photo sequence is generally from north to south.

01 01 lal kuan

The intersection of Lal Kuan and Karta Bariyan roads01 02 lal kuan 01 03 lal kuan

Continuing down Lal Kuan road01 04 lal kuan 01 05 lal kuan 01 06 lal kuan 01 07 lal kuan 01 08 lal kuan 01 09 lal kuan 01 10 lal kuan01 11 lal kuan

Excelsior Cinema near Hauz Qazi Chowk01 12 lal kuan

One of Old Delhi’s many “Desi Deco” buildings

02 01 lal kuan 02 02 lal kuan 02 03 lal kuan 02 04 lal kuan 02 05 lal kuan

The 19th c Masjid Mubarak Begum mosque03 01 lal kuan 03 02 lal kuan 03 03 lal kuan

Around the Lal Kuan area

Photos from the northern part of Lal Kuan area

04 01 lal kuan 04 02 lal kuan 04 03 lal kuan 04 04 lal kuan 04 05 lal kuan 05 01 lal kuan 05 02 lal kuan

Farsh Khana area05 03 lal kuan 05 04 lal kuan 05 05 lal kuan

Photos from the more southerly parts of Lal Kuan area 06 01 lal kuan 06 02 lal kuan 06 03 lal kuan 06 04 lal kuan 06 05 lal kuan 06 06 lal kuan 06 07 lal kuan 06 08 lal kuan 06 09 lal kuan 06 10 lal kuan

Area next to Excelsior Cinema07 01 lal kuan 07 02 lal kuan 07 03 lal kuan 07 04 lal kuan 07 05 lal kuan07 06 lal kuan 07 07 lal kuan

A little bit of Desi Deco in Lal Kuan

08 01 lal kuan08 02 lal kuan 08 03 lal kuan 08 04 lal kuan 08 05 lal kuan 08 06 lal kuan

The Inner Lane of the Outer Wall

In the decades after the British took Delhi over from the last Mughal ruler in 1857, they slowly dismantled the outer fortification wall of Shahjahanabad. In place of this wall came rows of buildings, residential and commercial, and a relatively wide road outside the line of the erstwhile wall. However there was also a lane running along the inner side of the wall, and this lane remained after buildings replaced the wall. This inner lane still runs for much of the edge of Old Delhi, and some interesting structures can be found along this lane, like the Desi Deco residence below.

09 01 lal kuan 09 02 lal kuan 09 03 lal kuan 09 04 lal kuan 09 05 lal kuan

Sculptural decorations on the deco residence09 06 lal kuan

More buildings along the inner lane of the outer wall, including a few more deco buildings10 01 lal kuan 10 02 lal kuan 10 03 lal kuan 10 04 lal kuan 10 05 lal kuan 10 06 lal kuan 10 07 lal kuan

Hauz Qazi Chowk

Around the buzy Hauz Qazi Chowk

11 01 huaz kazi 11 02 huaz kazi 11 03 huaz kazi 11 04 huaz kazi 11 05 huaz kazi 11 06 huaz kazi 11 07 huaz kazi 11 08 huaz kazi

The facade of a mosque entrance has been spared demolition11 09 huaz kazi

Ajmeri Gate and Ajmeri Gate road

Ajmeri Gate was one of the main gateways of Shahjahanabd

12 01 ajmeri gate 12 02 ajmeri gate

Building near Ajmeri Gate12 03 ajmeri gate

Along Ajmeri Gate road12 04 ajmeri gate 12 05 ajmeri gate

An electrical sub-station from the 1950s12 06 ajmeri gate

Ghaziuddin’s Mosque and Madrassa

This madrassa and mosque was built by a Mughal courtier in the late-17th c.

Entrance to the complex

13 01 ghaziuddin

Side bastion13 02 ghaziuddin

Kids on the field next to the madrassa, which is now a “board-affiliated” school

ghaziuddin kids

Facade facing the Inner courtyard13 03 ghaziuddin 13 04 ghaziuddin

Mosque13 05 ghaziuddin 13 06 ghaziuddin 13 07 ghaziuddin

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