In and Around Gwalior’s Jami Masjid

Gwalior’s Jami Masjid is a Mughal-era structure built in the 1660s, soon after Shah Jahan was deposed by Aurangzeb, making it an early late-Mughal structure.

01 01 jami masjid 01 02 jami masjid 01 03 jami masjid 01 04 jami masjid 01 05 jami masjid 01 06 jami masjid 01 07 jami masjid

This image is a vertical panorama stitched from multiple photos, and so is a little distorted:01 08 jami masjid

Buildings around the mosque, mostly from the 19th c or early 20th c:02 01 jami masjid

02 02 jami masjid

02 03 jami masjid 02 04 jami masjid

A building on the road from Muhammad Ghaus’ tomb to the Jami Masjid:02 05 jami masjid

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