Tombs of Muhammad Ghaus and Tansen in Gwalior

Muhammad Ghaus (or Ghawth) was a 16th c Sufi saint and teacher of the Mughal emperor Humayun as well as Tansen, the famous musician in Akbar’s court. The saint’s large tomb, built in the second half of the 16th c during Akbar’s rule, is the main structure in the garden complex located about a kilometer away from Gwalior Fort’s main eastern approach, and is surrounded by graves and smaller pavilion tombs, including that of Tansen.

The large central dome of the saint’s tomb tops the actual enclosed and walled large single room that houses the tomb, and the surrounding structure is more like a verandah with jaalis (perforated stone screens), which gives the structure a larger “enclosed” appearance than it actually has. The central dome with four small chattris (domed pavilions) resting on a prominent rectangular base has a shape much like many domes found in central India, for example similar to the domes of Hoshang Shah’s tomb in Mandu and the Mandu Jami Masjid.

Tomb of Muhammad Ghaus:

01 01 ghaus 01 02 ghaus 01 03a ghaus 02 01 ghaus 02 02 ghaus

The entrance to Muhammad Ghaus’ tomb, with graves and smaller pavilion tombs nearby:02 03 ghaus 02 04a ghaus 02 05 ghaus

The central dome:02 06 ghaus

The screened “verandah” from the outside:02 07 ghaus 02 08 ghaus

Painted ceiling at the entrance of the tomb:02 09 ghaus

Screened “verandah” surrounding the main tomb:03 01 ghaus

Views of the verandah space, with the solid walls of the tomb itself, and the screens facing outwards:03 02 ghaus 03 03 ghaus 03 04 ghaus 03 05 ghaus 03 06 ghaus 03 07 ghaus

Tombs and graves surrounding the saint’s tomb:04 01 ghaus 04 02 ghaus 04 03 ghaus

Mosque accompanying the saint’s tomb:04 04 ghaus

Tansen’s pavilion tomb:04 05 ghaus 04 06 ghaus

Mosque accompanying Tansen’s tomb:04 07 ghaus

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