Tamil Nadu Temple Run: Narthamalai

Set among a beautiful landscape of rock outcroppings jutting out of farmland, the Vijayalaya Cholishwara Temple is, despite it’s name, a 9th c Pallava temple. The temple and surrounding side shrines are built on one of the rock outcroppings. Unfortunately we reached the site in the late evening, so got just a few minutes of daylight to explore.

For an introduction to my Tamil Nadu Temple Run trip, visit the first (Chidambaram) post.
The photos in this post also available on flickr.
View from the temple rock

narthamalai 01 01

Vijayalaya Cholishwara Temple

narthamalai 01 02

narthamalai 01 03

narthamalai 02 01

narthamalai 02 02

narthamalai 02 03

narthamalai 02 04

narthamalai 02 05

narthamalai 02 06

narthamalai 02 07

narthamalai 02 08

narthamalai 03 01

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