Tamil Nadu Temple Run: Srirangam, Jambukeshwara Temple

This is the smaller (comparatively) of the two main temples in Srirangam, and had a quiet feel to it when I visited, except for the central sanctum which had an intense prayer/chanting session going on.

For an introduction to my Tamil Nadu Temple Run trip, visit the first (Chidambaram) post.
The photos in this post also available on flickr.
Western gopuram

srirangam 07 01

The “garage” where the temple rath (chariot) is kept

srirangam 07 02

Inner gopuram

srirangam 07 03

srirangam 07 04

srirangam 07 05

srirangam 07 06

Inner enclosures of the temple

srirangam 08 01

srirangam 08 02

srirangam 08 03

srirangam 08 04

srirangam 08 05

srirangam 08 06

Rock Fort Temple, Tiruchirappalli

I wish I could have taken photos inside Rock Fort Temple, but it was not permitted, and the light was low inside anyway. A small 17th c fort on the rock-hill that dominates old Tiruchirappalli city has been converted into temples for Shiv and Parvati. Inside the fort, which is cave-like because it is completely covered and is lit only by openings and windows on the sides, there are shrines at various levels, and stairs that go to and from different levels, so we are at the sanctum level of one temple while being face to face with the shikhar (tower) of the other. At the time I visited, an elderly man was sitting in front of the sanctum of the Shiv temple and singing a beautiful Carnatic song, while at the same time three women sat just outside the anteroom, making preparations for a puja and singing a folk devotional song in unison.

The Rock Fort Temple and city beyond, from the top of the rock-hill

srirangam 09 01

Views of the town from the summit

srirangam 09 02

srirangam 09 03

srirangam 09 04

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