Tamil Nadu Temple Run: Kumbhakonam

Kumbhakonam was an important city to the Cholas and subsequent rulers as evinced by the large number of temples here, many of which have their beginnings in the Chola period but have been substantially altered in the interim centuries. I visited five of the larger temples, and each was an example of the more dynamic atmosphere that exists in a “living” temple. This dynamism is also seen in the different architectural styles and periods that co-exist in these temples, as opposed to the more “pure” styles in the more “archeological” temple sites.

I had never heard of Kumbhakonam before planning this trip, and expected a somewhat sleepy small to medium sized town. Instead, when we reached the town at night, the main drag was lit up like Vegas and the main road through town was packed with pedestrians and vehicles trying to squeeze by. That the lights and crowds were for diwali shopping was obvious, but the reason for stores going for decorative-lighting overkill and the size of the crowds is still a bit of a puzzle to me. My best guess is that Kumbhakonam is the largest town in a region that only has villages and small town surrounding it, so everyone congregates here for their diwali shopping and activities! in any case, it was an almost surreal experience driving into Kumbhakonam at night a few days before diwali.

For an introduction to my Tamil Nadu Temple Run trip, visit the first (Chidambaram) post.
The photos in this post also available on flickr.
Kumbhakonam’s main drag pre-diwali

kumbhakonam 00

Sarangapani Temple

kumbhakonam 01 01

kumbhakonam 01 02

kumbhakonam 01 03

kumbhakonam 01 04

kumbhakonam 01 05

kumbhakonam 01 06

Nageshwara Temple

kumbhakonam 01 07

kumbhakonam 02 01

kumbhakonam 02 02

kumbhakonam 02 03

kumbhakonam 02 04

kumbhakonam 02 05

Ramaswamy Temple

kumbhakonam 03 01

kumbhakonam 03 02

kumbhakonam 03 03

The base of the temple rath (chariot)

kumbhakonam 03 04

Mythological creatures, old and new!

kumbhakonam 03 05

Kumbheshwara Temple

kumbhakonam 04 01

kumbhakonam 04 02

Painted ceilings of the covered walkway, made to resemble a shamiyana (tent)

kumbhakonam 04 03

kumbhakonam 04 04

kumbhakonam 04 05

kumbhakonam 04 06

Islamic and colonial elements among the architecture

kumbhakonam 04 07

kumbhakonam 04 08

kumbhakonam 04 09

Desi Deco Nataraj!

kumbhakonam 04 10

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