Gingee Fort: Inner Fort

Monuments in the inner fort of Gingee, at the base of Rajagiri hill.


Entrance to the inner fort from the outer fort

inner fort 01 01inner fort 01 02


Gateway to the palace area

inner fort 01 03inner fort 01 04


Kalyana Mahal with Rajagiri behind

inner fort 02 01

Kalyana Mahal

inner fort 02 02inner fort 02 03inner fort 02 05inner fort 02 06inner fort 02 07


Views from Kalyana Mahal tower

inner fort 03 01inner fort 03 02inner fort 03 03


Reservoir in the inner fort

inner fort 04 01inner fort 04 02


Granary buildings

inner fort 05 01inner fort 05 02inner fort 05 03inner fort 05 04inner fort 05 05inner fort 05 06inner fort 05 07inner fort 06 01inner fort 06 02


Palace buildings

inner fort 07 01inner fort 07 02inner fort 07 03inner fort 07 04inner fort 07 05inner fort 07 06inner fort 07 07


Gateway leading up to Rajagiri

inner fort 08 01


Views of the inner fort area from the climb up to Rajagiri

inner fort 08 02inner fort 08 03inner fort 08 04

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