Kanchipuram: Irawataneshwar Temple

The sanctum structure and tower of this small temple is contemporaneous with the Kailasanatha Temple at Kanchipuram and Shore Temple at Mamallapuram (early-8th c AD), placing it among the earliest Pallava-era structural temples. The mandapam in front of the sanctum seems to be a later addition.


irawataneshwar 01 01irawataneshwar 01 02irawataneshwar 01 03irawataneshwar 01 04irawataneshwar 01 05irawataneshwar 01 06irawataneshwar 02 01irawataneshwar 02 02irawataneshwar 02 03irawataneshwar 02 04irawataneshwar 02 05


A small Pallava-era shrine located close to the temple

irawataneshwar 03 01

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