Parvati Temple, Sandur

And now for something completely different. During my trip to Hampi/Vijaynagar I also made a quick visit to the Parvati Temple near Sandur, which is a unique Badami Chalukya temple possibly from the 7th or 8th c AD. This temple is not well known – I had read about it first in one of Bill Aitken’s books, and have not been able to find much information on it since. My growing interest in the spread and development of early freestanding stone Hindu/Jain temple architecture compelled me to visit the site. It would be interesting to situate this temple in the chronology of development of early temple architecture in Karnataka along with sites such as Aihole, Pattadakal, Badami and other Badami Chalukya sites.

Sandur is about 30 km by road from Hospet, and the Parvati Temple (in what is known as the Kumaraswamy Temple complex) is a further 10 km ahead. Sandur is surrounded by the Sandur Hills, famous for their extensive iron and manganese ore mining. The temple site is near the top of one of these hills, known as Krauncha Giri.

As can be seen from the first two photos below, the landscape of the Sandur Hills is very different from the granite boulder hillocks of the Tungabhadra valley at the Vijaynagar site, even though Sandur lies just south of Vijaynagar. If we stand on any of the hillocks at Vijaynagar and look southwards into the distance, we can easily see the long line of volcanic Sandur Hills. These are high, lushly vegetated hills, which create a local ecology similar to that of the Western Ghats, even though they are situated in the middle of the Deccan Plateau. A case in point is the periodic carpet-flowering (once every 12 years) of the Neelakurinji flower, which happens here and in locations along the southern Western Ghats.

Sandur Hills around the Kumaraswamy Temple complex

sandur 01 01sandur 01 02

The Parvati Temple has a unique longish barrel-vaulted antaralay leading to a square shrine with horizontally layered viman/tower. Once again I’ve posted too many photos, but no apologies! :P

Parvati Temple

sandur 02 01sandur 02 02sandur 02 03sandur 02 04sandur 02 05sandur 02 06sandur 02 07sandur 02 08sandur 02 09sandur 02 10sandur 02 11sandur 02 12sandur 02 13sandur 02 14sandur 02 15sandur 02 16sandur 02 17sandur 02 18sandur 02 19sandur 02 20

Kumaraswamy Temple (without its original viman/tower) adjacent to the Parvati Temple, is of later vintage (possibly around the 10th c)

sandur 03 01sandur 03 02sandur 03 03sandur 03 04sandur 03 05sandur 03 06

Side shrines and colonial-era temple buildings

sandur 04 01sandur 04 02sandur 04 03sandur 04 04sandur 04 05sandur 04 06

Gopuram (later addition)

sandur 04 07sandur 04 08sandur 05 01

Outside the temple complex

sandur 05 02sandur 05 03sandur 05 04sandur 05 05sandur 05 06

Shrines outside

sandur 05 07

Tank in front of the temple complex

sandur 05 08sandur 05 09

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