A Few More Photos of Khan Jahan Tilangani’s Tomb

While going through earlier posts from this blog on Tilangani’s tomb, I realized that there was one post where I had compared two photos of the edge of the tomb, taken from the same spot but more than five years apart. Since I had Tilangani’s tomb on my mind, I decided to revisit the spot and take yet another photo. As opposed to the south side of the tomb that the Aga Khan Trust is working on and which my recent post covers, this spot is on the north side of the tomb.


March 2009

November 2014

March 2018


I also realized that there was a lot of detailing visible from this side at ground level, which I had not noticed before.

An adjacent building extended as close as possible to the tomb, and then a little bit more!

A door was partially ajar, which allowed me to take this photo looking into the tomb

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