Old Delhi’s Western Suburbs: Other Karol Bagh Areas

A few photos from other parts of Karol Bagh.

For more background information and a location map, go to the introduction of this series of posts.

Near Ajmal Khan Park:

karol other 01 01karol other 01 02

The photo below is a stitched panorama with distorted perspective

karol other 01 03karol other 01 04


Along New Rohtak Road:

karol other 02 01karol other 02 02karol other 02 03karol other 02 04

karol other 02 05

karol other 02 06karol other 02 07karol other 02 08

karol other 03 01

karol other 03 02karol other 03 03

karol other 03 04

One thought on “Old Delhi’s Western Suburbs: Other Karol Bagh Areas

  1. Any pictures of houses opposite police station it was called original road such fond memories
    And houses opposite Ajmal Khan park
    You missed domes of tibbia College
    Great pics loved it


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