Daryaganj II: Two Mosques in Daryaganj

Two Mughal-era mosques in the Daryagnaj area still give an idea of what they would have been like in centuries past, having not been altered too much..


shah whole daryaganj


Sunehri Masjid

The small Sunehri Masjid north of Daryaganj (in the open area south of Red Fort) was built in the mid-18th century by Qudsia Begum, who also commissioned the garden and mosque at Qudsia Bagh. This mosque lay in the area of the city that was demolished by the British in the aftermath of the 1857 uprising, but was somehow spared destruction, unlike the older and much larger Akbarabadi mosque on Faiz Bazaar road, which lay just to the west of this small mosque, which was destroyed.


01 01 daryaganj mosques

01 02 daryaganj mosques

01 03 daryaganj mosques

01 04 daryaganj mosques

01 05 daryaganj mosques



Zinat-ul-Masjid is much larger than Sunehri Masjid, and was built in the early-18th century by a daughter of Aurangzeb, Zinat al-Nisa. It lies within the Daryaganj area along the edge of the walled city abutting the river’s (erstwhile) floodplain, and for this reason is also called Ghata Masjid. This is the mosque whose minarets and domes are clearly visible while driving on the Ring Road alongside the walls of the old city (the Ring Road here runs on the erstwhile floodplain of the Yamuna river).


02 01 daryaganj mosques

02 02 daryaganj mosques

02 03 daryaganj mosques

02 04 daryaganj mosques

02 05 daryaganj mosques

02 06 daryaganj mosques

02 07 daryaganj mosques

02 08 daryaganj mosques

02 09 daryaganj mosques

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