Gwalior Fort, Part 5: Rock-Cut Jain Tirthankar Statues Along the South-West Approach Road

The best known group of Jain Tirthankar statues on the Gwalior Fort hill are along the western approach route to the hill, in what is known as the Urwahi Valley. While all other sides of the hill are faced with a steep escarpment (on which other statue groups have been cut, the middle of the western face has a relatively more gradual forested valley that leads part-ways up the hill. The approach route has been made in this valley. Along the sides of the valley, also scarped, are two major groups of Jain sculptures.

Before we come to the first of these two major groups, even before we enter the lower fortifications of Urwahi Valley, there is a smaller group with smaller sculptures, which are now controlled/maintained by a new Jain temple at the site. I’m not sure how old these statues are:

01 01 sw statues 01 02 sw statues 01 03 sw statues 01 04 sw statues 01 05 sw statues

The lower fortifications of Urwahi Valley:02 01 sw statues 02 02 sw statues

The forested Urwahi Valley with the fort on the plateau above:02 03 sw statues

Rock-cut caves can be seen along a path leading down the escarpment in Urwahi Valley from the fort above:02 04 sw statues

The first group of statues, on the northern face of the valley, with the fort above:03 01 sw statues 03 02 sw statues 03 03 sw statues 04 01 sw statues 04 02 sw statues 04 03 sw statues 04 04 sw statues 04 05 sw statues

Note the inscriptions of a sculptor from 1927, probably part of a restoration project:04 06 sw statues

A small Durga sculpture next to the Jain statues:04 07 sw statues 05 01 sw statues 05 02 sw statues 05 03 sw statues 05 04 sw statues 05 05 sw statues 05 06 sw statues 05 07 sw statues 05 08 sw statues 05 09 sw statues

The second group of statues, right next to the road along the southern face of the valley:06 01 sw statues 06 02 sw statues

Road and sculptures. Once again, many of the faces have been remade in plaster:06 03 sw statues 06 04 sw statues 06 05 sw statues

Sculptures with the stairs leading down from the road:06 06 sw statues 06 07 sw statues 06 08 sw statues 07 01 sw statues 07 02 sw statues 07 03 sw statues 07 04 sw statues 07 05 sw statues 08 01 sw statues 08 02 sw statues

This large statue has been stitched together from multiple photos to from a vertical panorama, and so may be distorted a little:08 03 sw statues 08 04 sw statues

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