Revisiting Buildings around Nizamuddin Basti

While walking around Nizamuddin in early November, I was able to take photos of structures I wasn’t able to before, or from views and angles I wasn’t able to before. I had previously written about many of these buildings in a post from 2009.

Do Siria Gumbad

This is the tomb whose dome is just about visible from the extension of Lodi Road that goes towards the Humayun’s Tomb roundabout (or more rightly the Sabz Gumbad roundabout). The last time I tried to get to it I didn’t see this path leading to the entrance (there is at least one family living in the tomb), in the first few photos. I was also able to get a look at the dome (last two photos).

do siria gumbad 01

do siria gumbad 02

do siria gumbad 03

do siria gumbad 04

do siria gumbad 05

do siria gumbad 06

do siria gumbad 07


Khan Jahan Tilangani’s Tomb

I was able to take photos of the roof of Khan Jahan TIlangani’s tomb, with its multiple domes (but no chattris). The tomb is surrounded by basti houses.

tilangani 01

tilangani 02

tilangani 03

tilangani 04


Ground-level views of the tomb:

tilangani 05

tilangani 06


tilangani 07


Atgah Khan’s Tomb Interiors

A general view of Atgah Khan’s tomb in Nizamuddin basti (from a previous visit):

atgah 00 earlier

Interior photos, showing colored plaster work and plaster calligraphy.

atgah 02

atgah 03

atgah 04

atgah 05

Dalan adjacent to Atgah Khan’s tomb

atgah 06


Other Structures Around Nizamuddin Basti

Around Nizamuddin’s baoli

baoli 01

baoli 02

Entrance to Kotla Nizamuddin

basti 01

basti 02

Bastion and outer wall of Kali Masjid

kali masjid

I had never seen this portion of Lal Mahal, a structure supposedly from the 13th or 14th c (and much altered since), which had been partially demolished a few years ago:

lal mahal 01

Mirza Ghalib’s tombghalib 01

ghalib 02

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