Delhi Cities / Historical Timeline

I recently created a timeline for Delhi and it’s various “cities”, to help me place historical figures and events and buildings in time and place (by “place” here I mean which city in the sequence of cities that make up Delhi). Hopefully it’ll be easy enough to decipher, and at least some people should find it useful, so I thought I’d put it out in public. It’s available over at wikimedia commons as an svg file, which you can download and alter as you like. The pdf version can be downloaded here (automatic download).

More details below, but here first is the timeline:


The layout should become clear as you go over it, but basically the main horizontal colored bars are the various cities that were the main population centers at different times, and other information is marked above and below in various (informally horizontal) categories.

(Note: Slightly technical info in this paragraph) In the svg version, different categories of information are placed in different layers, and so can be hidden/seen together. For example, the “Sufi saints” and “Sikh gurus” layers (visible as the bottom-most pieces of information) are not necessarily vital for an overall understanding of the city’s timeline, and can be hidden for those who wish to. And so on and so forth.

This is in no way a “finished product” and I’ll keep updating and changing it as needed, so if you find errors and/or have suggestions, please feel free to let me know. And since the svg file is available at wikimedia, anyone can download it and alter it for their purposes!

Hope you find it useful!

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