Siri Fort Bastion At Shahpur Jat

Photos of a bastion, part of the Siri Fort fortifications in Delhi. This bastion is pretty well preserved, but is hidden in the urban village of Shahpur Jat. I took these photos while on a walking tour of the Shahpur Jat/Siri area. Will have to go back there to click better photos when there’s no winter fog!


Inside the bastion
Bastion and village
The bastion is pretty well preserved/restored

9 thoughts on “Siri Fort Bastion At Shahpur Jat

  1. i would be extremely grateful to you sir if you could plz let me know where exactly you found this in shahpur jat. i could only find tohfe ka gumbad, the ruins rights in front of it and the panchsheel park ruins. thanks


    • There is a road from Panchsheel that leads into Shahpur Jat (i.e. from the south). At one point on this road, you see part of the old surrounding wall of Shahpur Jat/Siri to your left. Follow the road into Shahpur Jat that runs parallel to this wall. This road will soon veer to the right, and soon after that there is a road leading left. Take this road to the left, and then take the first gali to the left. This gali will lead you to this bastion.


  2. Sir, can I please use the pictures in a research project. I am an undergraduate student and I am doing research on Siri and Shahpurjat. this bastion no more exists as it was demolished. I would be highly thankful if you would let me use these pictures.


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