An Unofficial Delhi Metro Route Map

(Updated Delhi Metro maps are available at Chasing the Metro — 13/03/2018 Update)

Since the people at Delhi Metro still haven’t come out with a route map that I’m even half-way happy with, I decided to make one of my own! In fact I made two, one for the active Phase 2 routes (which can be used as a commuter map right now and for the next few years), and another that also shows the planned Phase 3 routes, which are scheduled to be functional by 2016. The Phase 3 routes in this second map are all in light-grey to differentiate from active routes, which are in their line colors.

The maps can be downloaded from my Chasing the Metro blog. Clicking on the maps below will also take you to the Route Maps page of that blog.


Phase 2 Route Map


Phase 3 Route Map

2 thoughts on “An Unofficial Delhi Metro Route Map

  1. Both Lajpat Nagar Station and INA stations are away from RIng Road about a 1 km each. How would metro junctions at these two stations be achieved? If, metro line is along the Ring Road between Ashram and Dhaula Kuan. Would it come back to Ring road for South Ext station.

    Or Will South Ex Station be towards Barapullah Road Serving Kotla, Sewa Nagar, Lodhi Colony, Thyageraj Nagar and perhaps South Extension too. Beacause that seems to be logistically cheapest option for DMRC, and at the same time has a very large population catchment.


    • As far as we can tell right now, it seems like the line will leave the Ring Road alignment to intersect with the existing Lajpat Nagar and INA stations, and come back close to Ring Road at South Ex, so it can serve both South Ex I&II. It is also possible that the South Ex station will be close to the Ring Road/Khel Gaon Marg intersection, so it can be accessed by South Ex (I&II), Kotla, Def Col and Andrews Ganj. But this is all conjecture at this point – we’ll have to wait and see what the actual position of the South Ex station is.


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