Chirag Dilli – aerial photo

Chirag Dilli is the next site on my list to visit. I might not get there till late-Dec/Jan since I have other things to do as well (like my actual research!), but get there I will (hopefully!) :)

The settlement of Chirag Dilli grew around the abode and then tomb of a 14th c. Sufi saint by the same name, and later a square protective wall was built around the settlement. The wall is mostly gone now, but the present village of Chirag Dilli still conforms to the square shape. Spiro Kostof was right!!! :P

Chirag Dilli.

2 thoughts on “Chirag Dilli – aerial photo

  1. yeh aerial shots kya lagaye hai… though the conforming to the square is interesting.. hmm.. is that the sufi tomb there, at the left of the center of the square? looks very beautiful… from up here.


  2. That’s why I put them up – because they are interesting! Yes I think the patch of trees to the left of the square’s center is where the tomb complex is located.


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