padavali 01

Temples in Morena District, near Gwalior, Part 6: Padhavali

Padhavali is a small 18th c AD fort or garhi built around a 10th c AD temple, close to the Bateshwar (or Batesar) group of temples. All that is left of the temple is the plinth and a portion of the entrance structure. It looks like the fort was built to take advantage of the high plinth that the temple was built on.


High plinth and fortifications, with the remains of the temple visible behind the wall

padavali 01

Bastion of the fort or garhi

padavali 02

Temple plinth and fortifications above

padavali 03

Temple remains on their high plinth, which is now the fort courtyard

padavali 04

padavali 05

Looking at the surrounding countryside (and fog) from the garhi. We can see the illegal stone mining that has been going on in the area for decades

padavali 06