Old Delhi’s Old Cinema Halls

While exploring Old Delhi and adjoining areas like Sadar Bazaar and Pahar Ganj, I’ve come across some deliciously intriguing decades-old cinema halls. Some are doing fine, some just getting along, while some seem to have shut shop or might be under litigation. This post is a visual exploration of those theaters – I haven’t gone into their histories, though I’m sure each and every one would reveal interesting stories with a little digging into. I’m assuming that these cinema halls all came up between the 1950s and 80s, though dates would have to be confirmed. Continue reading

Delhi Cities / Historical Timeline

I recently created a timeline for Delhi and it’s various “cities”, to help me place historical figures and events and buildings in time and place (by “place” here I mean which city in the sequence of cities that make up Delhi). Hopefully it’ll be easy enough to decipher, and at least some people should find it useful, so I thought I’d put it out in public. Continue reading