Where are the new Dilli Darshan photos?

Any new Dilli Darshan trips have been delayed due to inclement weather, just like the airplanes and trains in Delhi! The fog here is so bad these days that you can’t see anything, leave along photograph it. And when it isn’t plain foggy, the haze in the city is nearly as bad. In short, more Dilli Darshan trips will have to wait a few days/weeks until better weather arrives. I can’t wait to get back to them though!

Photo from The Hindu newspaper taken a few days ago

Chirag Dilli – aerial photo

Chirag Dilli is the next site on my list to visit. I might not get there till late-Dec/Jan since I have other things to do as well (like my actual research!), but get there I will (hopefully!) :)

The settlement of Chirag Dilli grew around the abode and then tomb of a 14th c. Sufi saint by the same name, and later a square protective wall was built around the settlement. The wall is mostly gone now, but the present village of Chirag Dilli still conforms to the square shape. Spiro Kostof was right!!! :P

Chirag Dilli.

Khirki Masjid – aerial photo

An interesting aerial shot of one of the sites I was talking about before – Khirki Masjid. This is a 14th c. mosque that is unusual because much of it is covered, as opposed to having a large central open courtyard. Instead, this has 4 small courtyards with wide “passages” between them. From the sky the shape is pretty interesting, you can see it as the checkered square in the lower left quarter of the photo. Continue reading


Couldn’t resist mentioning one more building from my Jahanpanah excursion (that’s the wider site where the two mosques from the previous blog entry are located as well). This might look like a boring old building, but I’m really fascinated with historical buildings that involve water-works, so had to highlight it! Click on the image to go to the set.


Dilli Darshan

Dilli: Delhi
Darshan: Pilgrimage, Visit

I’ve been visiting Delhi’s innumerable (literally!) historic sites and posting images from them on my flickr account. I’m just at the beginning of this “project” (which is not connected with my dissertation research directly, but is a good way to get to know the city better) and go for these visits as and when I can.

I’m using a book titled Delhi: A Hundred Years of Building by Lucy Peck. It’s pretty darned comprehensive, and I’m starting from the beginning and progressing chronologically, so have arranged the photos in the same order.

You can click here to go to my “photostream” on flickr.

Flickr allows members to arrange photos into “collections” and “sets”. I’ve made a collection titled Dilli Darshan for this project, and each site I visit is in a sub-collection under the Dilli Darshan collection. Each building at the site has it’s own set under these (sub)collections. From my photostream you can go to the Dilli Darshan collection and explore.

Click the images below to go to the sets of two mosques from the latest site I visited.

Begampur Masjid.

Khirki Masjid.