Old Delhi’s Western Suburbs: Paharganj

For some of us, Paharganj is just the name of one of two entrances to New Delhi Railway Station, conjuring up images of a grimy and bustling transportation hub. Others might have memories of catching a movie at Sheila cinema back in the day, just north of the railway station. For others Paharganj is the neighborhood they pass through along the wide and dusty DB Gupta Road on their way from Ajmeri Gate to destinations in west Delhi. Continue reading

Qadam Sharif And Nearby Qutb Road Structures

Qadam Sharif was originally built by Firoz Shah Tughlaq (14th c.) as a tomb for his son Fateh Khan, but the structure has been heavily altered since. The tomb, now located in the Pahar Ganj area, was enclosed inside an irregular kot (fortification) with gateways to the north and east. Little remains of these fortifications except the eastern gateway and parts of the northern gateway. Both were double gateways. Continue reading