Too Close For Comfort

On one of my recent visits to Hauz Khas village I had been reminded of just how close the new construction is to the 14th century madrassa there, so I thought I’d put up some earlier photos I had taken of that proximity conundrum. This situation is repeated so often in Delhi and everywhere else in India. Just too close for comfort. Continue reading

Dilli Darshan: Firoz Shah Tughlaq’s Delhi

In the post previous to this one I had said that I’m not doing my Dilli Darshaning chronologically any more because most of the sites I’m visiting from this point on are very layered, in that they contain structures from various historical periods and architectural styles. So of course, the very next post (i.e. this one) has to be about sites with buildings from a very specific time in history and very specific architectural style, and which are much older than Purana Qila and Dilli Sher Shahi from the previous post! What to do? Nonetheless, here goes. :) Continue reading