Shalimar Cinema

After my Old Delhi cinema halls post I remembered a theater that lay along my usual commute in Delhi when I was younger. The cinema hall was called Shalimar, located the Siddharth Enclave area near Ashram Chowk, and in my memory resembled a large shed with sloping asbestos (?) sheet roofing. I used to notice it often when passing over the flyover between Ashram Chowk and Bhogal/Jangpura. That flyover is still part of my usual commute, but I haven’t seen the theater since sometime in the 1980s or 90s. Continue reading

Old Delhi’s Old Cinema Halls

While exploring Old Delhi and adjoining areas like Sadar Bazaar and Pahar Ganj, I’ve come across some deliciously intriguing decades-old cinema halls. Some are doing fine, some just getting along, while some seem to have shut shop or might be under litigation. This post is a visual exploration of those theaters – I haven’t gone into their histories, though I’m sure each and every one would reveal interesting stories with a little digging into. I’m assuming that these cinema halls all came up between the 1950s and 80s, though dates would have to be confirmed. Continue reading