Kanchipuram: Vardaraja Temple

This is the largest temple in Vishnu Kanchi (the smaller part of Kanchipuram dedicated to Vaishnavite temples). I only got to explore the outer enclosure of this temple because the temple was closed for the afternoon, as so many temples are in Tamil Nadu. This was a pity because the inner enclosures contain structures right from the 12th to the 17th c AD.


The west gopuram of the outer enclosure, which is possibly from the late-Chola era, 12th or 13thc

vardaraja 01 01vardaraja 01 02

The inner west gopuram leading to the inner enclosures

vardaraja 01 03


The outer enclosure contains this Vijaynagar-era mandapa, with elaborately carved composite columns

vardaraja 02 01vardaraja 02 02vardaraja 02 03vardaraja 02 04vardaraja 02 05vardaraja 02 06vardaraja 02 07vardaraja 02 08vardaraja 02 09vardaraja 02 10vardaraja 02 11vardaraja 03 01vardaraja 03 02vardaraja 03 03vardaraja 03 04vardaraja 03 05vardaraja 04 01


The east gopuram of the outer enclosure is from the Vijaynagar period

vardaraja 05 01

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