Delhi Metro Phase 3’s Trilokpuri Issue (Will Hopefully be Resolved Soon!)

This post is a short aside about a section of Delhi Metro’s Phase 3 project. People following the metro’s progress closely will know that the construction of phase 3 is almost complete and most of the new lines and extensions are operational, except for a few short stretches. One of these stretches is in Trilokpuri in East Delhi, where complex land-acquisition issues have delayed the opening of the viaduct between the Trilokpuri – Sanjay Lake and Mayur Vihar Pocket 1 stations. I visited the neighborhood to see what the situation was like on the ground.

The satellite image below is a little old, but gives an accurate idea of the current situation of the viaduct that still needs to be constructed. The gap is less than 300m in length. The land acquisition issue was for the houses that lie along the curved path of the viaduct.

trilokpuri 00

While the viaduct has made no progress for a long time (a couple of years at least I think), what Delhi Metro has done in that time is construct new houses for the residents who are going to be displaced. In the image below, we can see the older houses to be demolished on the left, the viaduct coming from the Trilokpuri – Sanjay Lake side in the center, and the new apartments on the right. Hopefully this stretch will be finished in 2019, linking the two parts of the Pink Line that now operate in isolation from each other.

trilokpuri 01

The images below show the other viaduct coming from the Mayur Vihar Pocket 1 side. The missing section between the two viaduct ends is less than 300 meters.

trilokpuri 04trilokpuri 05



According to these news articles below (written in Nov 2018 and Jan 2019), the new apartments being constructed are not adequate in number to rehabilitate all the families that will be displaced by the viaduct construction. So unfortunately it might take a while longer before the issue is resolved. Appropriate rehabilitation is vital in situations like these, so hopefully an acceptable solution will be found.

11 thoughts on “Delhi Metro Phase 3’s Trilokpuri Issue (Will Hopefully be Resolved Soon!)

  1. When will the problem of metro pink line be resolved we are facing the problem and the metro is also running in loss with out the connected with mayur vihar phase 1


    • The pink line in East Delhi is entirely elevated. I guess they were confident that they could get all the land they needed, so planned it all elevated. Underground is much more expensive than elevated.


  2. Just 300 metres is creating so much problem for so many kilometres. I have to go all the way to rajouri garden from vaishali to get to naraina vihar.

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  3. Rather than taking such a long time, DMRC should have explored other options including alternate routes or changing the position of the viaduct curvature. The map shows that they could have taken the stretch from trilokpuri station a lot more straighter and then curved it so that fewer residents from the corner buildings needed rehabilitation. Maybe I may be wrong from a civil engineering point of view but have a feeling that such alternate plans were never explored.


  4. I think work has started here , i read in newspaper. 101 houses have been shifted near flats. 17 houses have yet remained for some issue. i saw in newspaper a pillar has builded here. according to news it would complete next year .. may be march 2021.


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